About Qatar CSR Conference

Qatar CSR conference is an opportunity to learn, network, and address the environmental & economic challenges from around the globe with like-minded Social Impact professionals in an intimate setting.

The conference aims to create a networking opportunity for leaders in business, academia, and law as well as representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions from various sectors to discuss recent insights on socially responsible practices in the non- and for-profit sector.

Main Topics to be Discussed:

  • Regulatory framework for CSR - International guidelines, and best practices
  • CSR implementation status - Challenges, risks, and learning
  • Identification of CSR activities through needs assessment
  • Developing CSR policy
  • CSR sectors – renewable energy, sanitation, municipal solid waste management, etc.
  • CSR planning and implementation
  • Monitoring, measurement, and evaluation of CSR activities for outputs and outcomes
  • CSR success stories from around the world
  • Assessment of capacity of implementing partners
  • Grievances redress - Processes and practices
  • Reporting guidelines
  • Inclusive and sustainable businesses

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The ideal platform to present your CSR programs and related products

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Addressing the environmental & economic challenges from around the globe

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Recognizing achievements contributing to the development of CSR and sustainability in Qatar

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Qatar CSR National Report documenting CSR achievements in the country