Why Qatar

Advancing CSR as a Business Driver

Qatar has been attaching great importance to the development of Corporate Social Responsibility and making it an important driver of business in the state. The country has achieved tremendous results through CSR programs so far, but still the business community must deal with many challenges in the years to come due to the very pace of development the country is experiencing as well as the impact of globalization and international debates and controversies about the environment, human rights, labor rights, work safety, anti-corruption measures, accountability, transparency, and performance reporting. As the country moves forward in meeting the ambitious aims of Qatar National Vision 2030, the role of corporations in community development becomes more and more crucial.

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The ideal platform to present your CSR programs and related products

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Addressing the environmental & economic challenges from around the globe

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Recognizing achievements contributing to the development of CSR and sustainability in Qatar

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Qatar CSR National Report documenting CSR achievements in the country